Air pollution

what’s important to note about the impact that air pollution has on the environment?

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That is a VERY broad question as Air Pollution is a WHOLE UNIT in APES so if you could specify which air pollutants you are talking about, then i can help better !!

High levels of air pollutants are released out into the atmosphere

Sulfur dioxide - Respiratory irritant and affects plant tissue
NOx - Photochemical smog, also converts to nitric acid leading acid rain
C02 and C0- high level of air pollution in urban areas
PM (particulate matter) - Can absorb and scatter light, create haze and reduce light that reaches the surface of earth.


Oh sorry how does smog affect the environment?

hey @lanafarr02_54355 !!

so, photochemical smog does NOT directly affect the “environment” because it mainly affects human health as an eye irritant and respiratory illness. NOx does lead to the formation of acid rain as @Braden_Sarrett said above :slight_smile:

What are the most important air pollutant chemicals that we need to know? Where do these come from?

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so i have seen you replying to these threads, but we are going to stop checking replies so i would recommend using a NEW TOPIC to ask questions and help the Teachers and TAs reply!

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