Algorithms and Prefrontal Cortex

Would the responses to this FRQ from AP classroom satisfy the rubric points for the 2 terms below? Thank you so much for taking time to review this, it’s really appreciated!

Chandler and Alex were transferred to a new city and needed to find a new home. They carefully considered every house within their price range and finally purchased one that met all their criteria.

Explain how each of the following is related to their decision to buy the home.

*** Prefrontal cortex**
*** Algorithm**

The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that is located in the frontal lobe and helps in directing thoughts, going after goals, and anticipating consequences. In this case, the prefrontal cortex is related to pursuing goals because eventually, it was their goal to find a new home, and because the couple had certain criteria they had to meet when deciding which house to buy, they had to consider each one separately all of which relate to the functions of the prefrontal cortex.

An algorithm is a method of problem solving which basically guarantees that the needed solution will be found, going step by step. In this case, Chandler and Alex both had a price range that they preferred, and they evaluated each and every house and considered whether each house met their criteria. Since they did this step by step and evaluated each and every house, they would be guaranteed to find a solution (new home).

It looks good to me. I might stress that the prefrontal cortex is involved in decision making. You also wrote more than you need.

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Thanks @gwenk! Do you think writing too much could hurt my score?

Absolutely not. Just know the test is written for you to run out of time. There are 8 items in question 1 and 6 items in question 2. You have 25 (+5) for question 1 and 15 (+5) for question 2.

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Alright, got it! Thank you so much for your help! @gwenk

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Looks great! Just remember this is timed.

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Good luck tomorrow!

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Thank you! I’ll work on making sure I write concisely!

Thank you!

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I would score the first point but not the second one.

When answering the prefrontal cortex, the rubric was looking for "students must specify an active cognitive decision making, executive function, planning, logical thinking, judgement, inhibition, personality, intentional retrieval, or evaluating. I think you do this when you discuss their separate criteria to determine which house to buy.

I would not score algorithm. You are correct that it is a step by step process but your example is vague and seems more like a definition than a true application. The scoring guidelines are looking for “a specific step by step procedure such as a formula, equation, set of rules, or trying every option.” For example, Chandler and Alex used a formula to determine how much house they could afford.

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