Answering an APES FRQ Question

Should I start my answer by rewording or restating the question? Or should I just be direct and state the actual answer?
For example: The question asks you to “Describe a solution that could be implented to reduce urban runoff”. Is it better for me to say, “One solution to reduce urban runoff of x or y is this…” or just go on to say “Encourage the government to pass legislations requiring road construction companies to use permeable pavement which allows water to percolate to the soil etc”.
I’m asking because I want the AP readers to know what I’m talking about or what direction I’m going with my answer. At the same time, restating the question in my answer will consume some of the alloted time given to me because I have to type extra phrases.
I watched tons of APES videos where instructors are saying “Don’t reword the question”, but on college board AP YT videos, they write the solutions of FRQ practices where they do restate the question in the beginning or somewhere in their answers. But the format of the solutions they show us may not be what is required in the exam but rather simplify version so we could easily comprehend them.

hey @Jamaina!!

@joshua-nielsen/@JoshuaNielsen will be discussing this later in the cram when he goes over FRQs :slight_smile:

Hey @Jamaina, you do not need to restate the question or the prompt SO LONG AS you have labeled your responses. If you decide to answer everything in one long paragraph (DON’T) then I would make sure the reader knows which question you are answering. It is much easier if the reader sees labels.

Ai: blah blah blah blah blah blah
Aii: blah blah blah

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