Anxiety and AP: The Dubious Duo

So I, like a lot of other teenagers, get overwhelmed easily., especially with my anxiety on top of the average worries of being a teen. I have AP Psych tomorrow and Lang the day after that. Will we go over some time management skills and what is most important for us to do tonight in order to be best prepared for the AP exam tomorrow? I’ve taken AP exams in the past, but this whole two days in a row plus AP at home situation is definitely unfamiliar and a bit overwhelming. Any tips? Or other Psych resources? I’m really hoping I’m not alone in this and hope we can all do amazing tomorrow. Thanks!

Hey! Thought I’d give a little pep talk to alleviate some of your stress!

You got this! …and I’m saying that as a former psych student! I know it’s easy to be nervous :persevere: before your big test tomorrow, but you’re going to do great! You spent this whole year preparing for this one exam, although we didn’t know situations would be like this.:sleepy: It’s okay though!:blush: Make sure you have a nice quiet and relaxing place to take the exam, and you’ll do just fine! Believe in yourself, stay confident, and prove to Collegeboard that you’re worth that 5! You’re going to do great, and keep shining :star_struck:, you got this!:hugs: Go get that :five:!


This is a great question! I’ve got the same exams and am stressing as well. I’d love to know what to do tonight to be ready for tomorrow in the most efficient way.


what’s been helping me is listening to lofi music and going over past FRQ questions and making sure I understand what the questions are asking. I also am using the apa dictionary for psychology for the terms I don’t understand and then writing them down on a separate paper to reference for tomorrow in case those terms pop up, I can view those quickly. Other than that, listening to your favorite music and maybe talking to others taking the test can help ease anxiety. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


This was incredibly helpful! Thank you, I’ll definitely have to try it out.

of course! I’m just taking ap psych this year but I’m in the same boat haha!

One thing that helps my students is the simple advice that show what you know, but don’t get caught up on things you’re unsure of. For each part, do your best, give an educated guess, and move on. Don’t ask more of yourself than is possible. Remember the Yerkes-Dodson Approach: a little stress is ok. It actually improves performance. Sorry for the lecture.



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