AP Bio 2020 Resources

A deep dive into how life on Earth originated, adapted, and flourished.

AP Bio 2020 Exam Format
45 minutes, online, FRQ-only

Exam Date & Time

Units Covered
Unit 1 โ€“ :test_tube: Chemistry of Life
Unit 2 โ€“ :dna: Cell Structure and Function
Unit 3 โ€“ :battery: Cellular Energetics
Unit 4 โ€“ :microbe: Cell Communication and Cell Cycle
Unit 5 โ€“ :family_woman_woman_boy_boy: Heredity
Unit 6 โ€“ :ghost: Gene Expression & Regulation


  1. 2020 AP Bio Guide (Revised for 2020 Changes)
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  3. AP Bio Cram Sessions
  4. Buy an AP Bio Cram Pass (10x Massive Review Sessions)

Cram Teacher: @caroline-koffke | mondays @ 8p ET
Caroline Koffke graduated from Penn State University and became a teacher on the northwest side of the city of Chicago. She taught AP Biology for four years and coached Cross Country, mentored the National Honors Society students, and rewrote her curriculum during this time. She also obtained a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2017. She is now almost finished with an accelerated nursing program, at the end of which she hopes to become a pediatric nurse.

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