AP Chemistry Test Information

Hey Everyone,

So I am writing some thoughts on the AP Chemistry test and would love to hear your input and ideas.

  1. You only need to study Units 1-7. Unit 8, Acids and Bases, and Unit 9, Applications of Thermodynamics, will not be on this test.
  2. There will be two questions. One will model a long FRQ style question that is 25 minutes long. Two will model a long FRQ style question that is 15 minutes long. All questions will have multiple parts.
  3. All submissions may be types or uploaded. Consider thinking about your methods of uploading.
  4. You are allowed a calculator, a 4 function calculator is sufficient enough, however, use a calculator you are comfortable with.
  5. Print out the college board periodic table and formula sheet. This is an old one, but you can find the newer one at the very end of this document.

How is everyone feeling and what are you thinking about AP Chemistry?

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Hello! I am a junior about to take the AP Chemistry Exam. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the AP Chem Cram Finale. It was soooo helpful and I actually feel 90% more confident that I will pass the exam tomorrow. You all are amazing and I can’t even describe how much I appreciate your hard work. Thank you for being a life saver!!!

  • Delaney B.
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