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AP Micro 2020 Exam Format
45 minutes, online, FRQ-only

Exam Date & Time

Units Covered
Unit 1 – :moneybag: Basic Economic Concepts
Unit 2 – :chart_with_upwards_trend: Supply and Demand
Unit 3 – :boxing_glove: Production, Costs, and Perfect Competition
Unit 4 – :crazy_face: Imperfect Competition
Unit 5 – :department_store: Factor Markets


  1. 2020 AP Micro Guide (Revised for 2020 Changes)
  2. AP Micro Content (Live Reviews, Replays, Study Guides, and Trivia)
  3. AP Micro Cram Sessions
  4. Buy an AP Micro Cram Pass (10x Massive Review Sessions)

Cram Teacher: @allison-powell | wednesdays @ 7p ET
After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Honors Political Science and a Master’s in Secondary Education, Allison began her career as an AP Macroeconomics teacher. Over twelve years as a public school teacher, she has added four other AP subjects–AP Microeconomics, AP World History, AP US Government and Politics, and AP Psychology to her repertoire. She has presented at several district-wide in-services on best practices for AP and social studies subjects. She enjoys long walks listening to podcasts/audiobooks from her favorite psychologists, philosophers, and economists.

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