AP Psych 2020 Resources

Psychologists explore biological, cognitive, and cultural factors to explain human behavior and development.

AP Psych 2020 Exam Format
45 minutes, online, FRQ-only

Exam Date & Time

Units Covered
Unit 1 โ€“ :woman_scientist: Scientific Foundations of Psychology
Unit 2 โ€“ :brain: Biological Basis of Behavior
Unit 3 โ€“ :eyes: Sensation and Perception
Unit 4 โ€“ :woman_student:t2: Learning
Unit 5 โ€“ :thinking: Cognitive Psychology
Unit 6 โ€“ :baby:t4: Developmental Psychology
Unit 7 โ€“ :crazy_face: Motivation, Emotion, and Personality


  1. 2020 AP Psychology Guide (Revised for 2020 Changes)
  2. AP Psychology Content (Live Reviews, Replays, Study Guides, and Trivia)
  3. AP Psych Cram Sessions
  4. Buy an AP Psych Cram Pass (10x Massive Review Sessions)

Cram Teacher: @john-mohl | thursdays @ 7p ET
Dr. Mohl has taught high school and college-level psychology for twelve years. He currently serves as a Member-at-Large for APAโ€™s Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools and is Past-President of the Division 30 of the American Psychological Association: The Society of Psychology Hypnosis. He has authored or co-authored over a dozen peer-reviewed psychology journal articles and has made over 40 psychology-related conference presentations. He has conducted research that has delved into hypnosis, phenomenology, and ASMR.

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