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Hey So I can’t seem to attach the documents but could you please grade my DBQ and let me know what points I would receive and what i could work on?

AP World History- Practice 3

Leading up the Peter the Great’s reign from 1682-1725, Russia had gone through major changes in its society all the way from Ivan the great, ending mongol rule, to Ivan the terrible, with his absolute rule, eventually led expanding into Siberia into the east. However, once the Romano Dynasty was set, which expanded into the Pacific Ocean, Peter the great took over the reign beginning in the late 17th century to ultimately expand and promote Russia as a whole to westernize like the Europeans. Although Peter the great took major steps to westernize Russia beginning in 1682 by enforcing Russians to only wear European, or elegant clothing, and tried to build westernized factories for more of an influence to Westernized nations like Germany, there were Europeans on the other hand who simply thought that he didn’t know what he was doing and that didn’t carry out this Westernization process out diligently.

Peter the great was one of the only rulers who was set on expanding Russia’s land and culture into Europe. For example, in document 2, Peter I, or more commonly known as Peter the Great, tried to emphasize the important of education, specifically mathematics and geometry. From his viewpoint, his one and only goal is to make sure westernization can occur successfully. During this time, there were many nations like the Ottomans, Europeans, and more who specialized in mathematics and education. He could have seen their success and realized that into order to meet up to their standards, he would have to introduce these westernized ideas. (Doc 2) Similarly, in Document 3, Peter The Great is trying to enforce his empire to follow westernized ideas by wearing similar clothing, including boots, shoes, waistcoats, and trouser. However, he also states that he doesn’t want to see Russians wearing Russian outfits, like Circassian coasts, or Russian peasant coats. As the leader of the Russian empire, Peter the Great could have though that no matter what he said, Russians had to follow him as a leader. He tried to expand his power and use it to his advantage. (Doc 3) Moving on, in document 4, it is evident that Peter was trying to establish factories and manufacturing plants to blend in with other Westernized states. IN this document, it states that it may bring glory to Russain manufacturers. It is obvious that Peter the Great, sees this as something that could end up benefiting Russias as a whole. (doc 4)Similary, Around peter the great’s reign, the city of st. Petersburg was built by him after he conquered much of sweden, naming it a more westernized name. During the process of building this city, he brought over dutch and German engineers to help supervise it. This shows how he expanded more of his land with his value of expanding Russia. Lastly in document 5, the image of Peter the Great shows him wearing what he thought was westernized clothing to represent his values. This shows that he really was passionate about this change. This image could have been intended for other westernized nations like Europeans. Not only that, but also, it could be for everyday Russians as someone to look up to as he wears and dresses “diligently” or more westernized.

On the other hand, while Peter the Great tried to expand his empire by forcing a process westernization to be like the Europeans, the Europeans, specifically BIshop Burnet of England thought that he didn’t go through with his process correctly. As stated in document 1, Bishop Burent of England describes how Peter the Great seemed to be very understanding of their doctrine, however he also states that he didn’t seem inquisitive and doesn’t’t understand war. As a bishop of England, he may be confused as to why other nations might want to convert to his culture. It seems that Peter is coming off as trying too hard to the Europeans. Bishop Burnet of England was a scottish philosopher and historian who didn’t seem too interested in Peter’s visit. From Peter’s side, he went to Europe and visited factories, museums, and learned about Europeans practices. This could have helpped him feel more confident when he visited the Bishop since he’s already been to many European places. On the other hand, another of peter’s major goals was to reduce the influence of the boyars, which were the feudall elite class. He added taaxes and opened civil service to everday commoners. Overall, his legistlation during this time and reforms incresed productivity and legitimize his authoritarian rule, which helped how other Russians viewed him. This made them more likely to believe his values and his process of westernation.

Ultimately Peter the great did a lot to expand Russia and to westernize the people and the culture to match more of European lifestyles. Although he enforced people to wear more European styled clothing, build factories like Europeans and a city to help his rule and his goals, there were Europeans who doubted how he westernized and didn’t seem to care too much.

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