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Whenever I practice FRQs I always have a really hard time applying the concept to the scenario. Does anyone have any tips on how to get better with that?

First, don’t forget the basics: Define and Apply. To apply with a little more confidence, try to pick out a specific aspect of the prompt to focus on when applying. Below is a sample prompt I took from the fiveable review on learning. For this prompt I focusing on classroom management. So after defining Token Economy I will apply to managing behavior in a classroom. I can offer candy or free time for proper behavior. Same with Negative Reinforcement. I will use threats of taking away positive things to get the students to behave. After defining Mirror Neurons, I would apply by modelling proper behavior. The core to a efficient response is to bring everything back to the key question in the prompt. It’s essentially, answering sub-points to the larger question at hand.

Ephraim is a new teacher hoping to use psychological techniques to manage his classes more effectively.
A. Explain how each of the following might contribute to Ephraim having a well-behaved class.

  • Token Economy
  • Negative Reinforcement
  • Mirror Neurons

Hope this helps a bit.


It takes a bit of creativity. What I would do to practice is come up with about five random scenarios, like going to the park for a walk, drawing terms, and applying them to those scenarios.

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thank you!

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