How much time should we spend taking notes on ASPECTS before we actually start writing?

Timing reminders:
● 10 minutes: Read prompt and passage
● 5 minutes: Plan essay and write intro and thesis statement
● 25 minutes: Write body paragraphs
● 5 minutes: Write conclusion and proofread/revise
● Last 5 minutes while flashing red : Upload/submit

Build the ASPECTS into your reading analysis.

A suggested outline could be analyze the prompt for 3ish minutes, and look for ASPECTS there. Then, as you read the rest of the text, notice where these elements come into play. In your response, you want to be able to thoroughly demonstrate the understanding of the rhetorical situation, so writing about ASPECTS can help there as well.

Have fun!

Thank you @nap-daddy

Thank you @stephanie-kirk

I loved having you as a teacher!

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