How do we know who the audience is in the documents and how do u put that into the DBQ?

you don’t have to know who the audience is !!! :partying_face: audience is ONLY ONE of the MANY choices for the sourcing point. all documents do not need to be sourced either so just look for the PoV OR purpose OR audience OR historical situation, etc. when you first read and group the documents :+1:

Usually there will be a little statement above the document that gives you a little bit of context for what the document is, and who the document is addressed to. Here’s an example:


Often times, you’ll be told the audience in the little blurb at the top of the document. Other times, the title of the doc will tell you (Letter to…). Finally, sometimes you just have to infer the audience: for example, a newspaper cartoon published in London is probably meant for the British reading public.

You can put it in the DBQ the way you put historical context in or purpose. I like to use the word “As…”

Example: “As the intended audience of the document was the British reading public, [analysis here]

I hope this helps!

This can be found in the source line of the documents or, if it’s a letter, then whoever the letter is addressed to. It really just depends on the document, and some may not mention the intended audience at all.

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what is PoV of a doc lie how do u know what it is ?

It’s usually contained at the blurb at the top of the document!

Think about it this way:

POV is discussing WHY the author said WHAT they said the WAY they said it. I hope that helps!

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