Body Paragraph

So my question is, When we write our body paragraphs this is the correct order?

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Use a document to elaborate your claim in the topic sentence
  3. Write a HAPP
  4. Then have a Evidence beyond document
    So is that is the correct order?
    Also if we have 2 happ’s in each paragraph so in total of 4 will we be getting extra points?

Hello! You are kind of on the right track. So this is what I would recommend:

  • Topic sentence that references back to thesis and prompt
  • Discuss your grouped docs (I would expect you to have your docs in a category of sorts that supports this first argument). Discuss the docs separately but show how they relate to your topic idea.
    If you can - “use” the docs here too, don’t just describe.
  • HIPP or Happ a doc if you can
  • Finally, I’d try to link some outside evidence - remember outside evidence only works if you can connect it so this seems like the most direct route.

4 HAPPs won’t get you “extra” points, you can only get to the two points on the rubric

Hope this helps! Good luck on the test!

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