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Evaluate the extent to which Christianity changed societies in Latin America in the period 1500-1800
During the age of explorations, the European desire to finding a new route to Asia led to the discovery of the Americas. The founding of the Americas has led to huge impacts on the people of Latin America. From the exchange of food to the transfer of diseases, there is one notable continuity among the natives of Latin America. Although the population of native Latin American people seems to be converted to Christianity, the religion did not have a huge impact on the native American population.
Many Latin Americans continued to practice their culture through the use of certain Christian qualities to prevent the Europeans from discovering. This phenomenon is seen through the practice of religious ceremonies in the town of Betaza(document 2). In the religious ceremony, the people of Betaza are seen doing their usual, but to prevent the Europeans from discovering, the people sang Christian sang a devoted song to cover up the diabolical song. Since the testimony was spoken at a court case, the speaker has to speak the truth of what happened to not get in further trouble. Another example can be seen in document 1, the Amerindian people are seen practicing their culture with the mixture of Christian belief to avoid discovery. Considering that the author was a priest, they would feel committed to converting non-christian people to Christianity. This means that they are quite frustrated against the lack of impact on the culture of Latin American culture.
Despite the european major efforts to convert the indigenous people of Latin America, the practice of local culture can be still seen. In the Jesuit-run Guarani mission, the natives are still seen holding on to their culture even though they practice Christianity on a day to day base(document 5). This practice is also prevalent in the encomienda system. Although the Spaniards are teaching the native people Christianity, the natives still end up running away from the system and kept their religion. Another example is when Luzia would practice curing other people using the native culture. When this document was written, it as during the time where the Portugues had a large influence over Brazil. This means large amounts of Portuguese missionaries in Brazil. Even in the modern day, there is still the practice of Inca culture despite the strict control of the Spanish during the 1700-1800s.

About a 6, but keep in mind, I’m just basing this on the rubric available. Solid contextualization and Thesis, the docs you used worked, but I didn’t get a lot of outside evidence. Good luck today!

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