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Evaluate the extent to which indentured servitude is different from traditional slavery

Before traditional slavery, indentured servitude was used in Europe and around the world and was fairly popular. Indentured servitude is someone who would be contracted to work for only a certain amount of time. After imperialism countries like Europe had a lot of ports and posts at different countries to make a profit and Europeans didn’t want to work, so they had indentured servants to work for them. Indentured servitude was different from traditional slavery because indentured servants were paid and released at a certain time while slaves weren’t, and slaves were forced to be catholic.
Shown in the document, which is a decision from the court, 3 servants and one African American tried to escape and were sentenced to more years and whippings to receive because of their actions. Even though the indentured servants were punished the same as the slave, after their contract they are free to go. And they are even paid so sustain life after like shown in document 4. In document 4 an indentured servant is talking about his struggles as a servant and how he is paid, even though it’s little and is overworked. In traditional slavery, slaves were worked hard too but were never paid. After their sentence, they were most likely sold to another owner. In document 5 we see the British Guiana indentured agreement, which pays male and female servants ⅔ shillings for a day’s work, which slaves are not.
Another way slaves are different from servants is because servants were not forced to be catholic like shown in document 2. Louis XIV regulated slavery in the west indies and saint Dominique, while so he made slaves convert to catholicism, which servants were never forced to do. Slaves were the owner’s property and whatever they want the slave to do they did. As shown in document 3, slaves were not important to their owners. In document 3 we see a picture of the Brookes slave ship, where slaves were tightly packed in the ship. If the owners cared about their slaves then they wouldn’t be in tightly packed ships where they could receive a disease or suffocate. Overall Servants were different from slaves because they were paid and after a certain time they were free unlike the slaves who were just sold to another owner and were not taken care of and were forced to be catholic because they were “owned” by the slave owner

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