Can someone please tell me if I got the outside evidence point?

Furthermore, an Ethiopian painting of the Battle of Adowa, a war where Ethiopia beat Italian troops from obtaining power for state expansion, depicts Ethipian warriors victorious over the dead bodies of foreign troops (Doc #3). This proves the violent methods in which the indegenous people of Ethiopia reacted to foreign expansion. They did not settle with the leaders and discuss, but used armed methods to achieve success over them. Having this being painted by an Ethiopian painter is of great value, because it shows a one sided view of the battle from the victorious side. Not only does this painting empower the people of Ethiopia to have great nationalism, but this also warns other foreign powers seeking state expansion to stay away. However, Ethiopia’s victory was not as successful as depicted in the picture here. The Battle of Adowa resulted in Italy obtaining a part of ancient Ethiopia near the Red Sea. Additionally, 5,000 Ethiopians were killed in their battle against Italy further showing how many indigenous people reacted differently to state expansion and in safer methods.

I’m not sure if I need the outside evidence to have no similarities with the doc or can I get the point for expanding upon the doc with info that wasn’t provided in what I posted above?

Since I don’t have the docs, I can’t exactly say if what you did qualifies as outside evidence… :thinking:

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Your outside evidence should tie into your argument. It doesn’t necessarily need to be on the WAY other side of the world than your doc, but it needs to be information not EXPLICITLY stated in the documents. I hope that helps!

The document is just a picture and the info provided after the word “However” isn’t mentioned at all

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Definitely helped, thank you!

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