Can you go over exigence and how you add in audience

please go over exigence and where you put the audiences purpose

Exigence is whatever prompted the speaker to create this piece of rhetoric (speech, letter, essay, etc.). I always compare exigence to a piece of food stuck in my throat. It’s irritating, and I will do whatever it takes to get it out. Exigence is irritating (or encouraging) enough to the speaker that he/she has to write about it (think: Britain taxing the Indian people for an essential resource like salt was the last straw for Gandhi to speak up to Lord Irwin and threaten to protest).

The audience’s purpose? I think you mean the speaker’s purpose (and how that purpose relates to the audience). You should be connecting to the speaker’s purpose as much as possible throughout the essay: in the thesis, in every topic sentence of a body paragraph, and every time you analyze a choice the author makes. The purpose is the most important part of your analysis.

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