CCOT reform from Gilded Age to Progressivism

Differences/similarities in reform from Gilded Age to Progressivism/those time periods

Hello @skygold

In many ways, the Gilded Age was a major cause of the Progressive era. The big business, laissez-faire economics, and immigration of the Gilded Age were important causes of the trust-busting, increased government oversight, and reform movements of the Progressive era.

Some continuity(similarities) would include: Industrialization, Imperialism, immigration(from Europe & China), nativism, and racial inequality.

Some change(differences) would include: Reform movements, the federal government’s increased role in economics, increasing mechanization of agriculture, and urbanization.

Mr. Pulgarin will cover this in more depth in the stream. There are also some great resources here, on Fiveable’s website.

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