Centralization of power

Why did monarchs in 1450-1750 want to consolidate or what events led them to do this?

Hello! Consolidation of power is not a bad thing when you are trying to build your power. Methods like military strength, divine power, and monumental building were all ways of showing that that particular “monarch” or leader was the right choice. Events that lead up to them doing this might include regional challenges and population growth (a need to control a larger group). I hope that answers your question… it is a bit broad in nature but different parts of the world had individual reactions. Remember that the same consolidation is going to happen in the next period (especially in Europe). Good luck on the test…

Also, in Europe, you had the development of nation-states beginning. After the turmoil of the Middle Ages, people began to settle back into areas, and lords began to extend their influence to larger areas. Eventually, feudalism and the manor system disappeared, and regional powers developed, and you began to have kings and queens rise up to rule over larger areas, which became countries. Consolidation enables this.

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