Cheating on the exam

another question, what exactly constitutes as cheating on this test? I know it is open book/note, but what exactly can we use as a resource during the exam? I don’t want to do something wrong and have to retake it in june lol

Here you go:

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someone asked about this before here is the link they put:

you don’t want to talk to anyone verbally, communicate with anyone on social media/discord/chatrooms, you can use the internet/notes/textbook but you have to put what you find into your own words. you cannot copy and paste because that would be plagiarism


You can’t have anyone help you on the test. With the internet, I would be careful. Some websites, like reddit, are going to naturally be flagged for cheating, so you want to avoid anything like that. My recommendation is to have things that you know are safe: your text, notes, any materials your teacher gives, etc.


I’ve heard a lot of talk about college board monitoring our cameras and microphones in addition to looking at what we search. Is this just rumor, or are they actually doing this?

this would legally be a huge invasion of privacy I am not sure how they could get anyone in trouble. if it bothers you, the safe choice is to just to put a piece of electric tape over your camera or tape and color in sharpie over it

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