Citing a Document

Is it ok to say document in a DBQ? For example, “Document 1 says…” I’ve heard different things from different teachers/people and want to be sure for tomorrow. If I shouldn’t say “Document 1” how would I cite/mention the document in preparation for explaining the document?

Yes, you must attribute the document by either using “Document ___ describes…” or ending the sentence with “(Doc ___)”.

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yes, great question. What is the best way to cite a document?

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That is a fine approach. You can also have it as: (Doc 1).

Whichever way you prefer from the two I mentioned above. Both ways count for points.

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ok thx, and if I were to do (Doc 1), would I do that after summarizing the document, or after sourcing/analyzing it?

You would do it after the sentence where you first introduce the document.


Author Kate Chopin, a late Romantic author best known for her novel The Awakening, discusses gender roles in late-nineteenth century Louisiana (Doc 1).

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