Citing Evidence

When we cite our evidence do we need to add quotations?

You can, but the easiest way would be to just include D1, D2, etc into the sentence itself that has a few key words from the document. Quotation marks are nice, but readers know that this is a first draft of a cold prompt.

Good luck tomorrow!

So. . . don’t quote. You don’t need to. If you do, then yes quote the word or phrase. it ell my students to limit their quote to five words. You don’t get credit for quoting thus don’t waste your energies.

Hi there! There is no need for direct quotations. Instead, paraphrase and describe the document and use a variation of “in document #” or (#) in order to “cite” the documents. The exam readers will be incredibly familiar with the documents and quoting the documents only takes additional time!

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