Classical Conditioning

I tend to confuse what’s the US, UR, CR, and CS are in terms of applications, can someone pls clarify on how I can determine this?

  • US, UR, CS, CR
  1. Unconditioned stimulus (US) = a stimulus that elicits a response without training = food
  2. Unconditioned response (UR) = the response elicited by an unconditioned stimulus = salivating when food placed in mouth
  3. Conditioned stimulus (CS) = a stimulus that through pairing with a US (i.e. after training) elicits a response = tone
  4. Conditioned response (CR) = a response to the CS that occurs as a function of training = salivating to tone after tone (CS) was repeatedly paired with food (US)

Always start with a relationship that occurs in nature.
NS + UCS --> UCR (repeat, repeat, repeat)
NS (now the CS) --> CR

US - food. Humans need to eat. They get hungry at the sight of food.
UR - the hunger you feel at the sight of food
CS - the song they play on the burger commercial when they show you the burger starts off as a neutral stimulus - you don’t eat music. The burger makes you hungry and is paired with something that does make you hungry, repeatedly.
CR - you now get hungry when the song comes on, even though you can’t eat a song.

US: unconditioned stimulus
UR: unconditioned response
CR: conditioned response
CS: conditioned stimulus

example: Todd wants to start ringing a bell before feeding his dog. One day his dog starts salivating when they hear the sound of the bell.

in this scenario the food would be the unconditioned stimulus, the unconditioned response would be salivating, the conditioned response would be salivating when hearing the bell, and the conditioned stimulus would be the bell

thank you so much!

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