Common graph questions

Can we discuss common graph questions that we can expect on the AP test?

There are a few very common graphs that you might see on the exam:

  1. position vs time - x vs t, h vs t, \theta vs t
    • Slope = velocity (or \omega for \theta vs t)
      • Curved Slope = Accelerating,
        *Concave up = positive accel.
        *Concave down = negative accel.
  2. velocity vs time (or \omega vs time for rotational)
    • Slope = acceleration (or \alpha)
    • Area = change in position (displacement)
  3. Force vs Time
    • Area = Impulse (Change in Momentum)
  4. Force vs Displacement
    • Area = Work done on the object (change in Energy)
  5. Energy Graphs
    • If Energy vs position - PEg is linear, PEs is polynominal (PE_s = 1/2kx^2)

Hope this helps!

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