He’s going waaayyy too fast, especially for the research methods when thats what our second question is all about

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but you are able to replay the live stream so you can review the sections you need to see again. I hope that helps.

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how do you know our second question is that

Collegeboard announced it when they released the revised test!

ohh so whats the first question about?

Hey! You’ll be able to have access to a replay once it’s over, so if he’s going fast right now, it’s ok! You can always rewatch that section!

This information is posted on Fiveable under the format for the exam: Two FRQ’s
Question 1 = 25 minutes and will be 55% of your score- Concept application to apply theories. Question 2 = 15 minutes and will be 45% of your score - Based on research methods.

college-board stated that the second FRQ will be on the topic, “Research Methods.”

what does this mean

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According to College Board, Question 1 will be similar to a traditional Concept Application question and will have 8 tasks.

This is an example of a concept application question.


This is an example of a research methods question.

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