Complexity point question

Can I put the complexity at the end of my essay? For example, to “qualify or modifying an argument by considering diverse and alternative views or evidence”, can I introduce the counterargument at the end of the essay and give evidence to validate my argument?

Also I like to explain the relevant and insightful connections across periods, so can I do this at the end or throughout my essay? If I can do complexity throughout my essay, can you please let me know how to? Thank you very much.

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As the complexity point is truly a unicorn point that few, very few earn AND you don’t need to earn to get a 5. . . just don’t stress about it.

However, to answer your question. . . Readers in the past have been told that a student who interweaves some sort of complex argument throughout can earn the point. Thus, trying to do complexity in a stand alone paragraph at the end may not necessarily help. However, that is what my students do. I don’t mind the attempt. I also tell my students to make sure that they were clear in their HIPPs and their Outside Evidence before they attack the Complexity Point. Thus, if you like the complexity just at the end and think that is the best thing you can do, go for it as it won’t hurt. Make sure you make a paragraph out of it and not just a quick sentence or two!


The trick to complexity is to not think of it as a trick. To the point of @bdramby, I wouldn’t even think of it as an unattainable point, but more a holistic one: do you carry your argument throughout?

The complexity point starts with a complex thesis, and it’s typically a cascade point (meaning, you’ll rarely earn it if you’re not earning the majority - usually all - of the other points). I agree that it’s not the first point to shoot for, but if you’re writing well, and your argument is founded on a thesis that’s ARG + WHY + COUNTERCLAIM (however/specifically/etc), you’re on the right track.

For instance:
*Asian responses to imperialism typically included some sort of reform effort. However, more often than not, resistance permeated Asian responses to European imperialism due to the desire to maintain cultural boundaries in the face of threat.

^ If your body paragraphs don’t singularly focus on ONLY reform and resistance, but instead weave them together - that’s complexity. The Ottoman Tanzimat Reforms might be an example here, where they attempted to modernize somewhat (reform) but also demonstrated significant resistance, both to imperialism and internally in the empire.

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