How do you do complexity for anything, but especially for the causes of the Revolutionary War? I know that you are supposed to show the counterargument, but the only cause I can find is the British reasserting control over the colonies.

Should we go for the complexity point? Base on the time crunch.

What’s the best way to receive this point?

Hi @katebergeron_55449 @shayaanmakki_55166 @Nefertiti_Garcia,

The complexity point can be confusing, but don’t worry - Mr. Lagerway will be going over it in the second half of the stream!

Complexity shouldn’t be difficult to work in if you can get to your conclusion: that’s where I put everything about nuance or big counterarguments. You can also weave your counterarguments into other places: I put them at the end of my document paragraphs [ (counterargument is…), however (go back to original argument).]

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It does thank you :slight_smile:

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