I think I understand how to earn the complexity point. However, I do not know how I’d include complexity in my DBQ. Would I include the complexity in my conclusion, or do I slip in a few contrasting points in my paragraphs if my argument were stating similarities?

The easiest known way to get the complexity point, is to do both ends of a historical thinking skill. Such as similarities and differences or changes and continuities. In a DBQ the easiest way to do this is to have paragraphs for each a paragraph on continuities and a paragraph on changes. This could be tricky depending on the prompt and what it’s asking for, but this would be the easiest way to go about it.

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Hi Karl, Welcome!

Complexity should be woven throughout your essay. So, with your example of similarities, do the other part of the historical thinking skill – differences – in your body paragraphs.

Good luck tomorrow!

So if I were to have one paragraph for similarities, the other paragraph would have to be differences (if I were to group the documents into this way according to the prompt)? Or can I simply just put my complexity in the conclusion?

Ohhh so I do slip in differences within my body paragraphs? I see. Thank you.

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Complexity is a wholistic point, it runs through the whole essay. Hence the multiple paragraphs.

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