Concerning, complexity, would it be something that is addressed as the counter argument several times throughout the DBQ as well as in the thesis…


…Is it a similar event that occurred in another place beyond the time period of the prompt that is written in the concluding paragraph?

Or is it both?

Listen. . . this is sooo hard to explain thus focus on other points of rubric. My students like to do a paragraph at the end that is a counterargument. Some like to show synthesis with something later. My kids do a para at the end. HOWEVER, CB often really wants your complexity to be interwoven throughout the essay and not just a quick shout out at the end. Thus, either interweave your thoughts or reallllllllly crush a para in addition. Most kids should simply work on getting the other 9 points. Good luck!

I understand that focusing on the other 9 points is the goal, however, does complexity need to stand out, or could it be a reference in each body paragraph and be ‘interwoven’ without the student citing it as complexity for the AP reader to notice?

If you demonstrate a complex understanding of the prompt throughout your DBQ, the exam reader will recognize it. Don’t feel too concerned about the complexity point!

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