Can someone please write an example of complexity? I can’t tell if I am actually doing evidence beyond the docs instead.

Evidence beyond is addressing the prompt with additional info that is not in the docs. Complexity requires synthesizing the prompt OR giving a counter argument thus not quite the same as just answering it with outside evidence.

For a compare or contrast question, I understand how to present a counter argument, but for other types of questions what would a counter argument look like? Or how should I approach synthesizing the prompt?

For an evaluate the extent or determine whether prompt, usually they give you two groups- for this example, lets say political and economic. I would write an introduction focusing mostly on the economic side, but still mention that politics had an effect on the event mentioned in the prompt. Then, later, I would describe how politics affected the event, which would count as complexity.

ok so my thesis will focus on economic, but will have a minor political contribution as well. Then, I add a paragraph that explains political contributions that had a bigger impact without referencing the documents as complexity? Or, should I reference the documents?

Everytime I try for the complexity point, it either becomes evidence beyond the doc or another analysis. I’m not quite sure how to set up a paragraph for complexity.

Your thesis sounds great. For your body paragraphs, I would solely focus on the economic perspective, using documents and outside evidence, of course. When I am finished doing that, then I will write my counterargument about politics using the documents provided and outside evidence.

Ok I think I got that. Thank you!

No problem! Good luck tomorrow!

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