what can we do if the essay is too complicated to understand and analyze? like any tips on what we can do in that situation

Introduction : Use the SPACE part of SPACE CAT to write your introduction.
● Speaker/writer:
● Purpose:
● Audience:
● Context/Exigence:
Now try this basic format for your thesis sentence: In his/her ________________ format of the piece: speech, novel,
essay, etc. ___________________ + title of piece, author’s first and last name + strong verb + purpose or message.
Example : In her essay “Stone Soup,” writer Barbara Kingsolver argues that a happy and whole family is not limited to the
generic “Family of Dolls” nuclear family. To make your thesis/introduction more sophisticated, you could add : Through
the use of various pertinent examples, both anecdotal and historical, supplemented by thought-provoking rhetorical
questions and effective references to outside literature, she writes to abolish the irrational thinking of how a families who
do not fit the traditional mold are “broken” and “failed” in order to rectify society’s perception of these “broken homes.”

Body Paragraphs :
● Topic sentence (one choice or strategy)
● Evidence, Commentary, Evidence, Commentary, Relate back to thesis
● Try to use short quotes and incorporate them into your own sentence.
● Have more sentences of commentary than sentences of evidence.
● Commentary/analysis is VERY important to the score!

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