My teacher recommends not doing a conclusion paragraph, but instead doing a conclusion statement (one sentence) at the end of your final body paragraph. She says that doing a paragraph can knock you out of the running for a complexity points, whereas a sentence can be more concise and effective. Does anyone else’s teacher recommend this/does any teacher on here have a thought on this? Thanks!

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Hi Katie,

There a certainly mixed reviews on the worth of a conclusion. I personally recommend that my students write one that is 4-5 sentences long. However, I encourage them to only spend 3-4 minutes writing one. In general, you want to spend as much time as you can writing your body paragraphs - don’t let a conclusion get in the way here.

If you don’t have a conclusion, it honestly won’t hurt. And your teacher is right that a WEAK conclusion (like any weak writing) can hurt your chances for a complexity point. However, a strong conclusion can certainly serve to help you and can even help your chances of earning the sophistication point.

In general, I wouldn’t stress too much about the conclusion at this point in the year. However, if you feel very confident in your body paragraphs and want to dive a little deeper in this topic, here is a Replay on this very topic that should prove useful.

my teacher was never specific on how to write the conclusion, so I am not exactly sure how to start one

Here’s a basic roadmap that you can use to do so:

V. Conclusion

A. Restatement of thesis that digs deeper into the overall intended meaning of the text than the one in the introductory paragraph (Try not to begin your conclusion paragraph with “In conclusion”).

B. Reflection on examples and main ideas in body paragraphs, significance of these strategies, AND how they are linked to your thesis.

C. State if these were effective in conveying the claim/thesis/purpose.

D. Closing thought - closing out the main purpose of the text being analyzed.

thank you

would one of you guys have an example of an effective conclusion, that could help be visually understand it. I am more of a visually learner so that is why I am asking this.

Yep! Check out Slide 14 from this Presentation.

I realize this is not about conclusion, but I had a question about body paragraphs? Do you get more points by using the strategy method?

Can you clarify what you mean by strategy method?

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