can someone give an example of a good conclusion and what that looks like (and should include)?

Write as short or as long of a conclusion as you wish. Here’s the example from last night’s cram: (the second one is more effective, but requires you to have more time)

Overall, Gandhi’s usage of rhetorical techniques such as a call to action, emotional appeal, and syntax directly help Gandhi achieve his purpose of convincing Lord Irwin of recognizing independence.

Throughout his letter to the British, Gandhi evokes a sense of imperative, yet polite force, evokes a sense of guilt in the British, and clearly states his demands. He is trying to ask the British to revise their salt act before he marches, so throughout his letter, he implores the British to consider his demands, yet still presents himself respectably and worthy of consideration. Although the letter did not work, retrospectively this letter shows the fault of the British to not accept Gandhi and furthers Gandhi’s legacy as the nonviolent aggressor. This causes the British to be more respectful of Gandhi, for respect will be met with respect. Gandhi is now in a position to gain the British’s favor, and now they will be more likely to accept him.

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