What should we be doing for the conclusion in a DBQ? Should we have one at all?

Technically, the essay doesn’t REQUIRE a conclusion but I always suggest to my student that they tie up their argument nicely in a conclusion with a restatement of your thesis in a new way.

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Hey Daniel. Don’t sweat a conclusion. If you have time, think about / rewrite your thesis/1st paragraph…sometimes a thesis in the last para is stronger than the thesis attempt in the 1st para. But, there’s no point for conclusion.

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A conclusion isn’t necessary for a DBQ but if you have enough time, the conclusion is a good place to restate your thesis and revisit the main ideas of your argument!

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If you’re running out of time, don’t worry about the conclusion! It’s not required on the DBQ! Focus on hitting your main points first! I remember that last year I had very little time for a conclusion, so I just wrote a one sentence line describing and tying up everything together! Now, if you have some time left, you could just jot down a quick conclusion tying everything to the main prompt, but it’s not required!

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