Confused on Idea Driven Essays

I don’t fully understand what this means and what it would look like. Could someone please explain it to me?

An idea-driven essay is one usually written when you use the chunking method. You can take the passage and break it up into three sections. Where you make those breaks don’t matter, as long as YOU understand why you would choose those as your sections. If you understand, then you will be able to logically explain and discuss what is happening in each of those sections.

You will begin your paragraph with a claim statement. This is a general idea of the point or purpose of that section. Then you will explain the devices that the speaker uses in that section to prove that point.

Please let me know if that helps!

That makes a lot more sense thank you! Can you explain what chunking is? I understand you break the passage up, but is there a specific way to do it?

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There is not a specific way, but generally you can find a place where it makes sense to break the passage into a beginning, middle, and end. This separation may be based on a number of things. It’s important that it makes sense for you where you’re making those cuts.

Does that mean all your examples will come in chronoligcal order?

Yes. You will begin each paragraph with a claim - what is the purpose of that chunk? Then you will address the choices the speaker makes in that chunk of text.

so it is totally fine if all your examples are in chronological order? and what if there aren’t that many examples in your chunk?

Yes, it is totally fine. You only need two pieces of evidence for each chunk!

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