I am confused about rhetorical devices/strategies/thesis…
in your thesis, should you include devices? what if you want to say the author appeals to emotion --> that is not a device?

I think u can say they appeal to pathos or whatever, but the thesis should include rhetorical devices. I mean, I’m sure that u wouldn’t just say pathos and that’s it

Big picture: Choose the MOST effective writing choice that you’ve identified. Putting this writing choice in your own words (such as “aligns herself with her audience”) is often much more effective than worrying about calling it a specific device.

Once you’ve chosen the 2-3 writing choices, write them in your thesis in the same order that you’ll write your body paragraphs.

got it, thanks


Can we write solely about devices and not strategies?
When stephanie said to have one device per paragraph but two elements per paragraph to support it, what are those elements?

Elements of support are simply the textual evidence (either paraphrase or direct quote) that are examples of the device or strategy that you’re analyzing.

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