I feel like a lot of info is being skimmed over or not completely described. I don’t think that he is going to fast, but I just am looking through notes and feel as if there is not a lot of in depth discussion. It would be helpful to give definitions of the terms to remember them and recall them rather than examples. It is making me confused.

Hello, I’m sorry that you feel that way! Is there anything you specifically need help with at the moment with a concept? I could try to provide some more in depth answers!

I also agree with you. I am kind of upset, I feel like Unit 2 was briefly explained.


For example, the second unit COMPLETELY skipped the spinal cord, sensory neurons, interneurons, motor neurons, autonomic nervous system and its branches, and tests to study the brain. Not saying I don’t know these, but it would have been nice to go over them.


we are already on unit 5 and its nt even been 90 mins


Hello! You guys can always check here: for more in depth guides if you need! Also, if you have specific questions or want to go over anything, just ask here in the community, we’ll be happy to answer!

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