Connecting ideas

if you have separate paragraphs device. how can you connect them them all together when they’re structured like that. is there like a format we need to follow?

According to the rubric the readers are using, each choice you identify needs to connect to the speaker’s line of reasoning, to help the speaker achieve his purpose. The paragraphs shouldn’t be a “device hunt” but should connect to each other and to the thesis.

For example: In her letter to her son, Abigail Adams [choice 1], [choice 2], [choice 3] in order to [purpose].

Your first body paragraph should explain how choice 1 helps her achieve her purpose.

Your second body paragraph should connect choice 2 to both her purpose and the way in which she builds upon choice 1 to make her argument even stronger.

Your third body paragraph should show a culmination of the argument, building on both choices 1 and 2, ultimately showing how choice 3 cinches the purpose.

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