Connecting Rhetorical Devices

What exactly do you mean by connecting rhetorical devices across paragraphs? How would you do this, other than with the topic sentence?

I think they mean kinda like talking about how they help each other out…?

Maybe like making sure that they flow consistently and your not just talking about random rhetorical devices throughout the essay

Got it. I think she just repeated it when she explained that the rhetorical devices should be explained in relation to the entire text rather than a portion of the text. Thank you!

yeah and no prob lol

and a conclusion isn’t required right?

I don’t think it is but it’s recommended

Here’s a reply I posted in a different post regarding connecting devices. :slight_smile:
Think of it as discussing how one device builds upon a previous one. For example, “After X, Author does Y.” This could look like, “Once Reagan aligns himself with his audience by mourning openly with them, he moves to his call to action.” This is a very high-level analytical strategy that most students don’t utilize - it can really set your essay apart.

Here are slides from a recent LiveStream that address this further if you’d like to dive deeper into this subject.

And here’s a reply I posted in a different thread about conclusions. :slight_smile:

There a certainly mixed reviews on the worth of a conclusion. I personally recommend that my students write one that is 4-5 sentences long. However, I encourage them to only spend 3-4 minutes writing one. In general, you want to spend as much time as you can writing your body paragraphs - don’t let a conclusion get in the way here.

If you don’t have a conclusion, it honestly won’t hurt. A WEAK conclusion (like any weak writing) can hurt your score if you’re on the fence of earning a specific point. However, a strong conclusion can certainly serve to help you and can even help your chances of earning the sophistication point.

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