Context and Thesis

What is context and thesis and what needs to be in it? And how do we make it sound good or get a point even if we don’t know anything?

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Contextualization set-up the essay. It is worth one rubric point. Many students do if first in their essay. The contextualization either sets-up the broader picture connected to the thesis OR links to the time period before. If the essay is all about the Christianity’s effects on Spanish America between 1500-1700, a student might want to address the conquest of the Americas or the rise and expansion of the Catholic Church. Go for 3-4 sentences making sure to use evidence (facts). Thesis is your answer to the prompt. It identifies what you will be writing about. I encourage for this year two have two answers to the prompt using the documents provided. Feel free to do this in 1-2-3 sentences.

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