Context Effects vs. Context-Dependent Memory

Could someone clarify the difference between context effects and context-dependent memory? Thank you!

Context effects is the overall term that refers to the influence of other stimuli to help us remember something. Word recognition is easier when placed in the right context than if it is just a word spoken to us. Context dependent memory is under context effects and the best example is when you go into another room to get something and you can’t remember why you went into that room. When you return to the original location when you had the thought, that is when you recall why you had to go into that other room to retrieve something.

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Context effects control your perception of a stimulus. So an image on an all black background will appear brighter. A great dane is huge, but looks ESPECIALLY big when compared to a yorkie. Context-dependent memory is when retrieval is strengthened by being in the same environment that you originally formed the memory. So it’s good that you are sitting at your computer studying, because you will be taking the AP test at that computer, which will strengthen your recall.

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