Hello! Could I have a couple tips for Contextualization??

Hey! Of course!
First, I recommend watching this video! I used this video to help me out with contextualization last year:

Ok, now for some personal tips!

  1. be SPECIFIC!: Specific-ness is key!
  2. Write 3-4 sentences of fact rich or analytic sentences
  3. Describe events or occurrences that happened prior to the time period or happened during the time period but in another relevant region
  4. Make a connection back to the question! This will help you a lot!

For me, before the test, I wrote out the different periods and then discussed different topics that could possibly come up and contextualized for those as practice.
I also recommend writing out the periods and some specific events that happened in them so that I could have a basis for different contextualization points!

Hope that helps! :grinning:

Thank you so much!!

Good afternoon! Contextualization is meant to give a background for the essay you’re about to write: how did we get here? I find keeping that in mind helps me. (One of my teachers called it “the Star Wars text”)

For contextualization, people generally say to think in “isms” (Imperialism, colonialism, ect.) “-tions” also work here (like globalization)!

Remember that the time period before the one you’re writing about also works as contextualization!

Finally, make sure to pace yourself. The contextualization is only one point and you have the DBQ ahead of you to do as well.

I hope this helps!

Thank you!!

No problem!

Of course! I wish you all the best for your test tomorrow!

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