What happens when you are given a broad period of time for the prompt for example, 1865-1945, how would do do contexualization?

So do we contextualise every document?

Contextualize what was happening before 1865. In this case, you could actually contextualize by talking about the Civil War.

No, just once. It is easiest to contextualize by talking about the historical situation that was occurring just before the prompt. This is not the only place, but it is the most logical place, and it is a more natural feel.

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You are welcome!

You are welcome!

can we use French and Indian war as contextualization?

For what question? The answer is yes if the question is in the time immediately following it, for instance, the Revolutionary War.

No! Only contextualize in your introduction paragraph. I would highly recommend contextualizing your thesis statement. The contextualization only has to be done once and it should set up the topic theme period.

Really? I always start off my intro with a general statement about people/history. But it would be better to contextualize in the intro?

Yes, the contextualization and thesis go together in the intro.

Ok thanks so much!

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