Do you recommend writing a new paragraph for a counterargument or write a few sentences in one of the body paragraphs? Also, how do we conclude the argument? Would we have to relate it back to our thesis (and/or talk about how our thesis makes a stronger/better point than the counterargument) at the end of the paragraph?

Yes! Please go over this!

I would create another paragraph (final paragraph) to finalize the essay. I wouldn’t put it with another paragraph because it is often too confusing for AP readers since they have to read so many essays in a short period of time.

Hi @toastyminn, @Allison2

Mr. Lagerway will be going over DBQ writing in the second half of the stream. Fiveable also has a resource:

It really depends on time! Personally, I weave my counterarguments into my body paragraphs as well as doing nuance in my conclusion, but it depends on how quickly you can write.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thank you so much!!

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