[Cram Contest] Outside Evidence

Practice outside evidence to support an argument relevant to this DBQ . Prompt:

Evaluate the extent to which rulers of early modern empires, c. 1450 - c. 1750, used traditional methods to consolidate their power.

“Outside evidence” refers to historical evidence that is not referenced in the documents, but is relevant to the prompt. Such evidence could be an additional fact that relates to one of the empires discussed in the documents, OR it could be something about an empire that is not in the documents. Be sure that your evidence is not found in the documents.

Responses will be judged based on accuracy and concision (response with the fewest words used to accomplish the task wins!). Winner receives Fiveable swag and will feature in the AP World Cram live stream on 5/12. Click here to join.

Your task:

  1. Identify an example of a development relevant to an argument
  2. Explain how it is evidence of argument relevant to the prompt. “Relevant to the prompt” means that your claim support a piece of your thesis, but it does not to be an example of your whole thesis.

Hint: to be concise start with the evidence, not your claim. This exercise is meant to provide practice in quickly adding evidence to your argument.

How to Submit
Reply to this thread with a one- or two-sentence answer. This is a contest, not an opportunity for feedback.

Deadline for submission:
May 10, 2020 → 5pm ET, May 12, 2020 (this is a hard deadline to allow incorporation of the winning post into that evening’s Cram Session).

One or more responses will feature on AP World Cram stream #7: Industrialization, 7pm ET on May 12th. Winner will receive Fiveable swag along with live recognition.

The Ottoman empire used the Devshrime system to consolidate their power. They converted christian boys into Islam and gave them jobs based on their abilities after being examined.


The Ottoman empire used the devshirme system where Christian boys were recruited to serve for the government which helped create a very loyal bureaucracy and elite military, therefore consolidating power.


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Similarly to the Britsh East India Company, Portugal established and greatly grew its maritime empire by involving themselves in trading with the Spice Islands, located in the Indian Ocean.

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The Mughals were ruled by Akbar the Great who is known for using his policies of religious tolerance which is acceptance of multiple religions(ie: Hinduism) which helped increase popularity of Akbar, which consolidated power

  1. The Mongols, described as horsemen and nomads, conquered many empires, brutally attacking them and eventually taking them over. Some regions which they took over were Russia and China.
  2. The example of the Mongols shows that one of the ways in which early modern empires consolidated their power was through military conquest.
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Similar to the Peter the Great, the Mongols used foreigners in order to improve their understanding of science, war, literature, and art which the Mongols used to consolidate their power.

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In the Qing Dynasty, the Manchu used civil service examinations to increase their imperial bureaucracy. Increasing the Qing Dynasty’s imperial bureaucracy with intelligent and strategic government officials made the dynasty more difficult to overthrow, which consolidated the Qing Dynasty’s power.


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The Ottoman Empire used devshirme, the gathering of Christian boys to serve as janissaries, and use them for the military, thus consolidating power.

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The Ottomans consolidated power through devshirme, recruiting Christian boys, gaining military power.

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Qing Dynasty under Emperor Qianlong underwent the Ten Great Campaigns to consolidate power using the traditional method of military might, it led to the successful pacification of Xin Jiang.

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