Cram Questions

What do the parts of the brain do (ex: hippocampus-memory)?
Also what is Brain Lateralization and Hemispheric Specialization?

Hemispheric specialization refers to the different and specific functions performed by the two hemispheres of the brain. Referred to colloquially as “right brain/left brain” the hemispheres separately are generally responsible for different neurological functions. For example, language skills are primarily located in the left hemisphere while spatial reasoning and mechanical skills are associated with the right.

Hemispheric lateralization refers to the function or activity on one side of the body in preference to the other. For example, the right hemisphere controls the left hand.

What is absolute threshold, difference threshold, and sensory adaptation?
Thank you!

The absolute threshold is the minimum amount of stimulation required for a person to detect the stimulus 50 percent of the time. The difference threshold is the smallest difference in stimulation that can be detected 50 percent of the time.

Sensory adaptation refers to a reduction in sensitivity to a stimulus after constant exposure to it. While sensory adaptation reduces our awareness of a constant stimulus, it helps free up our attention and resources to attend to other stimuli in the environment around us.

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