Cramming/ Practice

I just spent a few hours watching videos going over content. Would ir be more important to review content more or do practice questions. Whats going to be on the test the most?

It depends on what your weak points are.
If you know you have the material down than reviewing generic explanations, or even in depth ones given the broad scope of the exam, than reviewing the content won’t be of much more use to you by this point.
If you know your material well but struggle applying it or want experience than questions are your best bet.

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It is possible they will be able to touch on every unit, and we really just don’t know what they could focus on. I like to do practice questions to both get myself in the mindset of taking an exam as well as to help pinpoint what I struggle with. Doing a few practice problems will be helpful! Make sure you don’t spend too much time cramming! Sleep is much more important!

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