Crucial Sourcing Question

For sourcing, does the sourcing have to argue the thesis? for instance, does the sourcing have to point out something about the Historical Context, Audience, Purpose, or Point of view that proves your argument? or in sourcing can you just point something out, explain why what you pointed out is significant in general, and move on? like if your thesis is about state building, then would you be able to say in one document that “this person is king of england, speaking to his people, which may mean that his words aren’t neccesarily true”, or is it only okay if you say “this person is the king of england, which … something about state building”? weird question, i can clarify if neccesary

Your sourcing should always be tied to your overall argument to get the point. Simply sourcing and then dropping the mic without connecting usually won’t get the point. Good luck!

is there an example of this i can see? of how to do it and how not to do it?

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