If anyone could provide feedback or/and provide a rough estimate of what this would score, that would be great! My prompt was about how Christianity affected Latin American societies from 1500-1800. Thanks!

In the period 1500-1800, Christianity changed societies greatly, however by doing this some had to hide their religious beliefs and remove their old practices

In document one, a Catholic priest writes to priests in Mexico about how natives were always practicing their native religion, and that in villages farther away were not teaching them what was necessary so they had to hide their religion. In doing this, they were utilizing syncretic beliefs to better hide their practices. During this time, people have always consolidate their power through religion, so it was important that Christianity was spreading throughout Latin America. Simarily, Vodun is a good example showing Catholicism blending with West African beliefs. This shows, that syncretic beliefs were also being created during this time period that ultimately changed these societies. In document 2 it shows the native Americans continuing Christianity through normal tradition, however they had guards to warn them if they saw a foreigner or any suspicious people coming. The author’s intention was to show foreigners that they had to hide these religious practices to others. Therefore, it proves that spreading Christianity also led to a result in hiding these traditions away.

By spreading Chrisitianity in Latin America, societies were utilizing Christianity as their main religion.
Document 3 shows a resident in Brazil practicing Christianity beliefs. Also, document 3 shows a Saint holding Jesus in 1750, also following christian traditions. In document 5, the King of Spain wrote about the missions in Paraguay in the 18th century to emphasize how much has changed with Christianity spreading throughout Latin American societies, showing how it removed their old beliefs with Christianity. The author’s intention was to show how Christianity took over their old Indian religion. Thus, showing how Christianty greeted changed societies in Spain.

You just kind of chuck the docs in without really linking them to your argument nor do you source them effectively. Maybe a 4/10?

I would also say that you continually mention syncretism in reference to what your documents are showing, yet syncretism is not a formal part of your thesis (it could be though). Remember: cultural syncretism is the fusing of two cultures/religions as they come into contact with each other to form a new practice with elements from both. You are referring to syncretism as if it is merely the practice of two religions at once, but that isn’t what it is.

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