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Prompt: Evaluate the extent to which the Haitian revolution was influenced by global events from the mid seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century.

Haitian Revolution DBQ:

Although the Haitian people were driven to overthrow the French colonizers, it was ultimately the French Revolution and specifically, the storming of the Bastille that really motivated the Haitians to rebel against France. If it wasn’t for the American Revolution, the other revolutions may not have happened either, such as the French and Haitian Revolutions.

Documents 1 and 2 show the events in Haiti before they knew about the French Revolution. The slaves were upset about their circumstances, but nowhere near the effects after they witnessed the Storming of the Bastille later on. In document 1, its a written code that gives a very limited amount of freedom to the slaves. However, the slaves weren’t even consulted with to begin with. The food portions stated could very much well not be enough for them to eat. In dcoument 2, it displays a letter from the SLaves of Martinique to a French General who works for King LOuis XVI. The slaves respectfully attempt to ask for independence by describing the horrendous conditions and appealing to the King by using phrases like “Louis XVI, the greatest of monarchs” and “your most humble and obedient servant”. Later on, when the French deny them freedom, the Haitians rebel. The Haitian Revolution was inspired by the AMerican Revolution, where they saw how 13 tiny colonies could overthrow the whole British Empire. The intended audience in this document is the French government and the King, since they want independence and the only major force who can decide that/have power over them is the King of France. THese two documents display the scenarios before the Revolution in Haiti, where the people of Haiti were somewhat calm and respectful wehn asking for freedom. The people want freedom, but not to the extent as to killing all the whites like in 1804, when the Haitian Massacre killed 3,000-5,000 French settlers.

After finding out about the French revolution’s actions (the Storming of the Bastille in July 1789), the Haitians were much more motivated and driven by their limited rights and the French thinking of them like they were property. Documents 3, 4, and 5, are evident peices of information of how Haiti could not only be a major threat to French settlers, but also how the Haitians were not afraid to do just that. Docuyment 3 shows a French chairman pointing out the fact that indeed, the Haitians could revolt and become a huge threat to the settlers living there, since there are so many more slaves than whites in the state.He argues that they need some rights, but not in favor of the slaves as he just wants the rights in place to prevent them from revolting. His main purpose is to protect the white settlers in Haiti, which shows only his sympathy for the whites while not caring about the slave population. Moreover, in document 4, there is a sketch of two French colonizers/soldiers being hanged by the Haitian Army. This image shows how powerful the Haitians can be. It was drawn by a British general that fought in the American Revolution. His purpose is to warn the French of how the Haitians could overthrow and rebel against them easily if they wanted to. This drive of the Haitian Army relates back to the French revolution, since the commoners are fighting for their rights, but yet being hypocritical by not giving rights tot he slaves in their colonies. Furthermore, in document 5, a leader of the Haitian Revolution is arguing for the independence of Haiti by trying to motivate the slaves that they, in fact, can rebel. He says that he would rather die trying to fight for his independence that not doing anything. This constant drive of the Haitians could very well be a result of them realizing the events of the French Revolution. The Slaves feel ignored while the commoners are overthrowing the French monarchy. The intended audience of this document is the people of Haiti, since they are the ones who want to revolt against France.

This is your best HIPP Statement. As a purpose statement you have the concrete action, prevent the slaves from revolting and discussing the parts of the document which describe Haitians Revolting, which connects it to your thesis.

Use this as a template to work with your other HIPP Statements.

Thank you so much! I will be sure to apply your critiques.

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